Kid Crafts: Apple Stamps for a Fall Wreath

Apples make great stamps for little hands – and the prints can be made into all sorts of fall-themed decorations!

This is the start of yet another exciting series on Fair Play, called Kid Crafts. We’ll feature child-friendly, generally seasonally appropriate craft tutorials for the whole family using basic art supplies. Today we’re going to use apples as stamps to create a festive fall wreath. Apple stamps are great for little hands. They also create beautiful prints that will appeal even to your more artistically discerning child. If your child can hold an apple half or slice, they can make a print. For this tutorial, Fair Play Boyfriend tries it out.

Pictured below are all of the supplies you will need for this project:

  1. Construction paper, assorted colors – 2 sheets for a medium sized wreath
  2. Non-toxic child’s paint (Crayola Washables is great) and paper plates/yogurt container lids for mixing and dipping
  3. One apple, sliced in half vertically (different cuts will give different prints – experiment!)
  4. Scissors – child-safe depending on who is doing the cutting
  5. Glue stick – I like Elmer’s Disappearing Purple
  6. Something round about the size of your apple half to trace – here, a mason jar – and something to trace with
  7. Safely covered work surface to project against errant prints and paint drips
  8. It should go without saying that paint-covered apples are not snacks…so you may need some extra apples for snacking during craft breaks

First, trace your round object (mason jar) on to the construction paper. For this project we traced roughly 20 circles onto two pieces of paper, but you can adjust depending on your size needs. These circles give you a pattern to cut later and give your child a target for their stamping.

Next, squirt each color of paint onto a plate or similar with plenty of room for spreading around during stamping. If you’re particular about how colors mix, make sure to note that you’ll need to rinse your apple halves between colors if you’re using more than two. To keep things simple, Fair Play Boyfriend picked out three fall colors (red, blue, and brown) to go with the paper (orange and yellow).

Start stamping!

When all the circles are filled, let the prints dry.

Cut out the dry prints into the individual circles.

Arrange the prints in a circle, connecting each with a dab of the glue stick.

Voila! A finished wreath!

These are nice and light and hang anywhere – including Fair Play Boyfriend’s front door.

I love wreaths and I also love marking the seasons with crafting projects, so this apple print wreath combined both of those for me. Easy, quick, and not too messy. But, you can use this general idea all sorts of ways. Single prints can look very elegant. Potatoes also make neat stamps, and if you use a nice starchy kind like Idaho, you can cut slices with cookie cutters into all kinds of shapes.

Watch Fair Play for more Kid Crafts tutorials, or head over to our Request a Review page to request a tutorial for a specific kind of project. Happy fall and happy crafting!

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