Happy New Year! Fair Play Joins 2013


Hi everyone and welcome to 2013! Oh, that happened last week? My apologies, we were on “vacation,” also known as school is out of session, so more time to work. School is back in session, we are back in the office, and Fair Play is back on schedule. Today’s post is more of a preview of what to expect for 2013, or at least the first half of 2013. Read on, and leave your requests!

For this “Spring” 2013 semester, our grad school life is taking over the front burner. We are taking and defending comprehensive exams, (ideally) proposing our dissertation, and flying solo for the first time teaching a class, Psychology of Gender, on top of the usual day to day of graduate school. So, Fair Play posts from now until May will be on Sundays as usual, and most but not all Tuesdays. We try our best to bring you quality posts! They just might be a little less frequent for a few months.

Topically, we will continue some of our favorite series like Book Review, Game Night, and Gift Guide. We also have quite a few things to say about Valentines Day (or Two Days Before Our Birthday). We’ll be reviewing some music for young children that we’re very excited about. We’re also planning a series about pregnancy and newborns — asking about baby’s gender (don’t!), shopping for newborns and infants, and so on.

What are you looking to see from us in 2013? Is there something you want reviewed? Are you looking for some guidance about a particular topic? Leave us a comment!

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