Hello, summer!

pinwheelAfter an unintended hiatus where our graduate life took over, it is now summer time and time to return to posting! Since I will also be writing my dissertation proposal this summer, I’m going to try to make a promise I can keep. Look for summer posts on Sundays, with extra posts when there is time, and relevant content posted to our Facebook page or twitter. Here’s what we have in store…

We’ll kick summer off with some kid-friendly summer cooking (and try to regain control of my refrigerator, which is being taken over by my CSA). Since summer is a great time for reading, we’ve got some more titles for Book Review for all ages. Summer is also time for outdoor games, so we’ll add some of those to the on-going Game Night series. And, we’ll deliver on the long-awaited Part II of the Disney movies discussion in Getting Reel. As always, make your requests for reviews or advice on our Facebook or Request a Review!

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Happy Summer!

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