Safer Fun in The Sun: Sunscreen Tips For Everyone!

Kiss My Face mineral sunscreen gets a strong score from the Environmental Working Group in terms of health safety. It is also vegan, gluten-free, and not tested on animals!

Consider this week’s post more of a PSA. It’s gender-fair in the sense that it is super important for boys, girls, and YOU. We’re going to talk about sunscreen. I’ve recently developed a sun allergy and I’ve been doing my sunscreen homework. I have some weird allergies, but this one wins the award for most inconvenient/hardest to maintain a normal lifestyle and still play by my as-few-chemicals-as-possible rule (and no animal testing!). This week I’m going to share all of my research with you so you can freak out about chemicals or UV rays or whatever, and then get yourself some safer coverage – for the good of your family, and the planet.

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Pint Sized Cooking: Buried Treasure Muffins


Muffins are wonderful. They are quick to make and they infinitely customizable from whatever supplies you have on hand. This makes them ideal for inclusion in our Pint Sized Cooking series. This week we’re making the Buried Treasure Muffins from Klutz Kids Cooking: A Slightly Messy Manual. Like any truly useful muffin recipe, this recipe can be tailored to suit whatever you want to include or in my case on this Sunday morning (like most Sunday mornings), whatever veggies I need to get rid of before the next CSA delivery.

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Pint Sized Cooking: Giant Bubbles


“Cook” yourself some giant bubbles to join cooking skills with outdoor fun!

Cooking isn’t always food. You heard it here first. Generally speaking, yes, you are cooking in order to produce something to eat. But if my childhood experiments in the kitchen are any indication, cooking can also be about the process no matter the end product. As it turns out, children’s cookbooks know this! Some even include recipes for things that are not people food (playdough, bubbles, dog biscuits) so that you and your child can get busy in the kitchen and leave with something that may not be edible…but is still useful. You will also have something less wasteful than my all-flour, no-sugar signature chocolate cake-brick of 1993.

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Pint Sized Cooking: Cream of Tomato Soup from Salad People


For our first installment of Pint Sized Cooking, a cooking series aimed at including children in the kitchen, we’re going to be making Mollie Katzen’s Cream of Tomato Soup and Crispy Cheese Crackers from Salad People. But first! Why should you cook with children? I know what you might be thinking… There are knifes! Flames! The kitchen is positively a death trap! Perhaps, but it can be quite safe with some adult supervision, and there are just loads of things your pint sized assistant can learn by joining you.

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