Pint Sized Cooking: Giant Bubbles


“Cook” yourself some giant bubbles to join cooking skills with outdoor fun!

Cooking isn’t always food. You heard it here first. Generally speaking, yes, you are cooking in order to produce something to eat. But if my childhood experiments in the kitchen are any indication, cooking can also be about the process no matter the end product. As it turns out, children’s cookbooks know this! Some even include recipes for things that are not people food (playdough, bubbles, dog biscuits) so that you and your child can get busy in the kitchen and leave with something that may not be edible…but is still useful. You will also have something less wasteful than my all-flour, no-sugar signature chocolate cake-brick of 1993.

The Fair Play Twins joined me to make some bubbles last week. The recipe and instructions for giant bubbles come from Klutz Kids Cooking: A Slightly Messy Manual.

We whipped up our bubbles in about 5 minutes in the kitchen with easy measuring of just a few ingredients (dish soap, baking soda, cornstarch, and water).

photoMaking coat hanger wands for our giant bubbles took some adult help and then we were on our way (outside!) to giant bubble production.


It took a little practice swirling the sudsy water…


And a LOT of patience drawing the bubbles up slowly!


But then…success! I have to apologize for not having some action shots of bubble-blowing per se. You’ll have to trust me that after some practice, giant bubbles were indeed produced and much fun was had from start to finish. This was a great way to incorporate some of our cooking (…math) skills with an outdoor activity on a beautiful day. You can find the giant bubbles recipe and other recipes for non-epicurean fun in the Klutz Kids Cooking book.


Pint Sized Cooking is an on-going series about cooking with children. We’ll return to some actual food cooking in the next post. Look for more from Klutz Kids Cooking, among others. You can find our favorite children’s cookbooks in the Fair Play Amazon storefront. As usual, leave requests or questions on our Requests page or on our Facebook!

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