Pint Sized Cooking: Buried Treasure Muffins


Muffins are wonderful. They are quick to make and they infinitely customizable from whatever supplies you have on hand. This makes them ideal for inclusion in our Pint Sized Cooking series. This week we’re making the Buried Treasure Muffins from Klutz Kids Cooking: A Slightly Messy Manual. Like any truly useful muffin recipe, this recipe can be tailored to suit whatever you want to include or in my case on this Sunday morning (like most Sunday mornings), whatever veggies I need to get rid of before the next CSA delivery.

Most Sundays I take stock of the fridge and realize there is some veggie or other that has gone unused (or intentionally ignored…) from last week’s CSA delivery. The beauty of muffins is that they can be used to assist carrots, zucchini, and others into becoming a sweet, healthy-ish treat. Most veggies can be grated or pulsed in the food processor and then mixed into your muffin batter. Today marked the start of my summer-long battle to use all the zucchini I receive each week. A few seconds in the food processor and ta-da, muffin-ready. Grown-ups only around the food processor, please.

image_2Turning to our Buried Treasure Muffins recipe (see Klutz Kids Cooking: A Slightly Messy Manual), I mixed up all our ingredients in my stand mixer — hand mixer or wooden spoon in a bowl will do as well. Now you get to add your veggies (!) or perhaps you want to mix in fruit or whole berries. This is a great step to let kids decide what they want to eat, and to customize the recipe a little each time you make it.

image_6Time to fill the muffin cups! Grab an ice cream scoop or coffee scoop and your child can help fill the muffin cups about 3/4 full. The muffins in this recipe actually take their name from the possibility of hiding a spoon of jam in the middle, an actual fortune, or some other treat. In that case (instead of mixing something into the batter in the previous step!), fill your muffin cups halfway, add your treat, and fill the rest of the way.

image_7After about twenty minutes at 400 degrees, we have muffins (and one fewer zucchini)! For the full recipe and many more child-appropriate recipes, I highly recommend the Klutz Kids Cooking: A Slightly Messy Manual. It has recipes, tips, tricks, and general gender-fair fun for all ages.


Pint Sized Cooking is an on-going series about cooking with children. Look for more from Klutz Kids Cooking, among others. You can find our favorite children’s cookbooks in the Fair Play Amazon storefront. As usual, leave requests or questions on our Requests page or on our Facebook!

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