Gift Guide: Baby Shower

IMG_0587_2This week is something of a Gift Guide in reverse, since if we’re being honest, we totally ripped off Fair Play Friend Paige. But, Paige had some great, gender-fair ideas for her shower gift and we wanted to showcase them alongside our own latest favorite shower gift. We haven’t talked about babies since the New Year (!) so it’s probably about time to revisit our shower gifts discussion.

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Gift Guide: Birthday Bugs and Butterflies for a 5-Year-Old


Growing butterflies from larvae is a fun, summery experiment for younger and older children, boys and girls alike!

We received a Gift Guide request for a birthday idea for a child turning five –

Can you recommend a gift for my nephew who is turning 5 this month? Thanks!!

Yes! This post is inspired by the lightning bugs we’ve been watching in the evenings as of late – and memories of childhood summers catching them in mason jars. Five years old is a great time for early science exposure (one of our favorite topics, as you know). Catching and studying summer bugs can be a delightful field experiment for boys and girls alike. Let’s talk about all the different ways this can be turned into a fun birthday gift.

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