Fair Play Twins and Fair Play Toys Have a Birthday!

FiveYrBikeIt’s been more than one year since we started blogging and we actually haven’t properly celebrated! More importantly, one of our cutest and key inspirations for the blog, the Fair Play Twins, just had a birthday. In honor of both of those milestones, we’re going to return to our first post ever, bike recommendations, and update it with Fair Play Super(grand)mom’s latest finds.

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Girls’ Clothing, Minus the Girly


Girls Will Be, a new gender-fair clothing line!

We should probably begin this post with some back story. Fair Play Dad only sometimes reads our blog. He’s an awesome dad, probably even the best dad ever (dad I hope you are reading this). He just doesn’t always keep up with our blog, perhaps because he is busy writing his own, the Big Red Sports Report. But, there’s this beautiful thing that sometimes happens — he sees something about gender in the world and sends it to me for Fair Play. This post comes from his tip. We hope he reads it and enjoys it (he won’t “like” it because he isn’t on Facebook). I give you: Girls Will Be, a new clothing company making clothes without the gender stereotypes.

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Quality Children’s Music from Grown-up Artists

FrogTroubleIt’s been a while since we reviewed any music on here. It was perfect timing that NPR featured Sandra Boynton’s new children’s album and singalong book, Frog Trouble, on Weekend Edition yesterday morning. We are delighted to bring you our own review of this fun new album for all ages.

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Take a break and get outside!


In the spirit of Labor Day, take a break and get outside! That’s what we’re doing this weekend (various BBQs and picnics mixed in with some meetings and work, actually…). If you need a little inspiration, we’ve linked up to some of our favorite previous posts for whole family activities.

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