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FrogTroubleIt’s been a while since we reviewed any music on here. It was perfect timing that NPR featured Sandra Boynton’s new children’s album and singalong book, Frog Trouble, on Weekend Edition yesterday morning. We are delighted to bring you our own review of this fun new album for all ages.

The honest truth about children’s music is that some of it is incredibly annoying. There. I said it. This is why when we find something that is Fair Play-appropriate and quality music, it finds its way straight to the blog. We brought you Jessie Modic’s charming folk albums. We actually neglected to review Muppets: The Green Album, so here’s our quick feedback.

We originally bought The Green Album as a third birthday gift for the Fair Play Twins. We also bought a copy for ourselves…and we listen to it all the time, even at the office. The Green Album is a remake of the Muppets songs done by famous (mostly) indie and rock bands. For children, it’s a fun album for singalongs. For grown-ups, it’s a) tolerably well-sung and b) a delightful trip down memory lane, with familiar tunes given a more sophisticated sound. The Green Album is available for $11 and ships for free with Amazon Prime. For its quality and replay value, we give it five pinwheels:

This brings us to Frog Trouble, which takes a similar tactic as The Green Album. Frog Trouble is a compilation of children’s songs sung by famous country and bluegrass singers.

FrogTroubleIt has a wonderfully grown-up sound paired with family-friendly lyrics. I love that it features new country singers like Kacey Musgraves (one of our own recent addictions) alongside classic bluegrass voices like Alison Krauss. Raised in a bluegrass-embracing household myself, the album holds a sort of nostalgic comfort for me. Sandra Boynton has achieved the careful balance critical to successful children’s music, with lyrics no one will blink at and great music everyone can actually enjoy. Frog Trouble is a great foray into country and bluegrass for your little ones. We also love that it comes with a charming singalong book.

Frog Trouble costs $10 and is available with free two-day shipping from Amazon Prime. For its educational value, gender fair illustrations (in the songbook) and content, low price point, and easy availability, we’re giving Frog Trouble our highest five pinwheel rating:

You can find both of these albums and other Fair Play-approved music in the Fair Play Amazon store. Do you have a question or request? Let us know and be sure to Like our Facebook page!

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  1. I saw that interview also. She started doing kids music books bcause she felt that existing music for kids was not complicated enough. Thanks for the recommendations. I know some birthdays coming up that these are perfect for!

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