Girls’ Clothing, Minus the Girly


Girls Will Be, a new gender-fair clothing line!

We should probably begin this post with some back story. Fair Play Dad only sometimes reads our blog. He’s an awesome dad, probably even the best dad ever (dad I hope you are reading this). He just doesn’t always keep up with our blog, perhaps because he is busy writing his own, the Big Red Sports Report. But, there’s this beautiful thing that sometimes happens — he sees something about gender in the world and sends it to me for Fair Play. This post comes from his tip. We hope he reads it and enjoys it (he won’t “like” it because he isn’t on Facebook). I give you: Girls Will Be, a new clothing company making clothes without the gender stereotypes.

Girls Will Be is a new clothing line designed to be a less stereotyped alternative to the girls’ clothing currently on the market. This is accomplished in two ways: first, color/visual design and second, fit. The clothes come in a wide variety of colors and graphics that break the gendered mold. They are exactly the kind of gender-fair offerings we look for on Fair Play! The clothes are also less fitted than many clothes typically marketed to young girls. As the creators explain, the fit allows girls to be kids.

For example, this “Be Awesome” tee uses gender-fair colors and echoes a superhero theme — uncommon in most girls’ clothes.

We love it! It’s currently sold out, but we had to show it to you because it’s our favorite.

Or this tee — Sport aren’t just for boys! Team sports foster independence and cooperation, self-esteem, confidence, and gross motor skills in girls and boys.

As my hockey coach used to say, “you miss every shot you don’t take.” This shirt promotes all of that.

Girls Will Be clothes come in sizes 4-12 and can be found in their growing online store. They also blog about other gender-fair brands. We love that their clothing selections are gender-fair, and we also love that their marketing is diverse, gender-fair, and represents girls as strong, active, and independent. Five pinwheels!

Girls Will Be was started by three siblings looking for less gender stereotyped clothing alternatives for their daughters/nieces. Finding it hard to shop for those girls, they solved the problem by starting their own company! Sound a little bit like our story? Charting the gender-fair path can be a challenge! It’s great to see more people joining the movement.

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