Fair Play Twins and Fair Play Toys Have a Birthday!

FiveYrBikeIt’s been more than one year since we started blogging and we actually haven’t properly celebrated! More importantly, one of our cutest and key inspirations for the blog, the Fair Play Twins, just had a birthday. In honor of both of those milestones, we’re going to return to our first post ever, bike recommendations, and update it with Fair Play Super(grand)mom’s latest finds.

Way back when we started this blog, we told you about Fair Play Super(grand)mom’s trials and tribulations in finding gender-fair bikes for the twins’ third birthdays. Children’s bicycles really seem to come in two flavors: pink and girly or dark and macho. She found an excellent 12″ option, the Raleigh MXR Micro 12″ and we also recommended the slightly more affordable Mantis Lil Burmeister. Definitely check out that post if you’re in the market for your toddler’s very first bike! But, the twins are growing up and so are our recommendations.They’re ready to make the move from 12″ wheels to 16″.

This year Fair Play Super(grand)mom bought the Novara Stinger 16″,

And the Novara Firefly 16″.

Both bikes have removable training wheels and child-friendly back-pedaling brakes. They come in a range of colors and are neither hyper masculine nor hyper feminine. They are both available online from REI. But, at $169 they are pricey bikes for preschoolers. For that reason, we give these bikes 4 pinwheels.

The Pacific Flex 16″ from Amazon is a cheaper alternative at $79 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime:

We don’t endorse that it is marketed “for boys” to children this age. However, the colors and design are reasonably gender fair and the price-point is lower than the options from other sporting goods stores. It also has removable training wheels and back-pedaling brakes. We give this bike 5 pinwheels.

Happy birthday to the twins and to the blog! Thank YOU for all your support this year. It’s your re-posting, comments, and Facebook “likes” that get this blog out there.

Looking for a bike for an older child? Let us know and we’ll find one for you! If you’re browsing for presents, take a look at our Gift Guide. You can also find all of our recommendations conveniently linked in our Amazon Storefront. Have a question or request? Leave us a note or comment! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest posts and gender fair links.

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