Simple Halloween Kids Craft – Bat Garland!

photo 33One of my favorite pre-Halloween traditions is decorating the house and building the holiday mood. I like crafting simple decorations to slowly add to my collection. This week we’re making a very easy, child-friendly, festive bat garland. It also only cost about $4 for supplies and 20 minutes of my attention.

Here’s what you need:

  • Foam bats (or ghosts, or whatever tickles your fancy), $2.99 at JoAnn’s
  • Festive ribbon (length depends where you want to hang it), $0.99 at JoAnn’s
  • X-acto knife (not for children)

1. Round up all your supplies and lay out the foam bats

fpbats2. Cut two slits around the eyes for each bat, roughly the width of your ribbon (this is a step for grown-ups!)

photo 1

3. String the bats onto the ribbon, running the ribbon through the two slits you just cut

photo 2…to 4. form a loop of ribbon on the bat’s face

photo 3Et Voila! 5. Hang it up!

photo 4JoAnn’s has a number of foam Halloween creatures, so we made these ghosts for our office too! –

photo 5photo(4)Trick or Treat is our annual Halloween series. Last year we blogged about the Fair Play strategy for costumes, and recommendations for books and movies. This year we’ll be re-posting those and adding some Halloween crafts (like this one!) and treats. Have a specific request? Let us know here or on Facebook.

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