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Happy Halloween everyone! Still need a last-minute costume? Check out the Fair Play costume strategy. Don’t forget Halloween movies and books to get in the mood. There’s also still time for a quick Halloween craft! Traveling this Halloween? Check out these tips for nontraditional Halloween-ing. Most important (in my book) – save your pumpkin seeds and make a healthy, seasonal treat! Recipe after the jump.

Roasted pumpkin seeds


  • One pumpkin (if you use a pie pumpkin — e.g., Cinderella, Sugar — then you can roast the flesh for tasty fresh pumpkin to use in another recipe)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt, pepper

First, take your pumpkin and slice off the top, bottom, and cut in half.


Take a spoon and scoop out all the pulp and seeds into the same bowl. You’ll have a bowl that looks like this…


And pumpkin halves that look like this…


Next, separate the pulp from the seeds. This is best done by hand and is a great job for kids (no knives, lots of goo!). Discard the pulp but do not wash the seeds — it’s fine if they are gooey and a tiny bit pumpkin-y. Clean seeds look like this…


Add olive oil to coat those seeds and give them a toss. Then spread them on a baking sheet and add salt and pepper.


Pop that baking sheet into a 375 degree (if you’re also roasting the flesh as well) or 425 degree oven (if you’re not also doing the flesh). To set up the pumpkin flesh to roast, just stick them cut-side-down in a baking dish and add about 1/2″ of water so they steam a little and don’t burn…


Bake the flesh and the pumpkin seeds! The pumpkin halves will take about an hour, the seeds will take about 20 minutes at 375 or 10 at 425. The seeds are done when they look toasty brown, and the pumpkin is done when it is very soft to the touch. Watch the seeds carefully so they don’t burn!

When everything is all cooked, add any seasoning to the hot seeds that they might need, and set them aside to cool. When the pumpkin is cool to the touch, scoop that flesh out with a spoon and puree it in a blender or food processor and use in whatever seasonal recipe you have in mind (pie, muffins, bread, pasta…).

Your gorgeous finish seeds will look like this:

PumpkinSeedsHappy Halloween!    

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