Happy Election Day!


Now, you may be thinking — why are we so happy on this off-year election day? Because it is still an opportunity to voice your opinion (and it’s your civic duty). It’s also a great year to teach kids about voting and take them along to your polling place. Things are quiet with the reduced turnout in a year like this and many of the races on your ballot will be local contests that your child can see in action all around them.

In the spirit of this voting day, we’re re-posting our tips for taking your child voting:

  1. Take your children to the polls with you. Spend the car ride (or walk) talking about how voting works and why voting is important.
  2. Talk through the voters guide (or if there isn’t one in your state, find something published by a local group like League of Women Voters, or others, although these tend to be partisan and the purpose of this exercise is understanding WHY we vote, not WHAT to vote).
  3. Have your child fill out a mock ballot (generally available online from your state or county elections board) and ask them why they made the choices they did — ask for their thoughts, don’t tell them they’re wrong. Your political beliefs have evolved too, right?

If you’re looking for extra inspiration, check out our post from last year about getting children inspired and involved with local politics.

Now go vote!


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