Getting Reel: More Movies for Snow Days

HungerGamesDVDYesterday we talked about our new Disney favorite, Frozen. We also reminded you about some other animated favorites. Today we’re going to give you a little more ammo for this season’s snow days and delays: The Hunger Games books and movies.

The Hunger Games is a fairly recent trilogy. It is set is dystopian, post-apocalyptic America, in which “districts” (States) must provide children annually to compete against each other to the death.

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If we’re being honest, that description kept us from picking it up for quite a while. When we finally read it, we loved it, but there’s still no better way to summarize the premise. In any event, The Hunger Games is something of a feminist Lord of the Flies. Yes, there is great violence and sadness. But, it’s a peek into human nature at its greatest strain (a la Lord of the Flies). In fact, like Frozen yesterday, it is a story of the power of the sibling bond. Katniss, our heroine, fights to protect her sister, Prim, and all of those she loves — in the Hunger Games, and in a greater battle against their deeply misguided, authoritarian government. Lest we spoil it for you, check it out for yourself.

The Hunger Games are also being made into movies. The first film, The Hunger Games, was released in March 2012 and is readily available on DVD and Blu-ray. It is an action-packed, poignant film that remains relatively true to the book.

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We especially love the movie cover, which shows only Katniss’ face, strong and brave. Women and girls are most often portrayed in advertising using their whole bodies, whereas men and boys are most often portrayed showing the face only. This cover is a wonderful departure from the norm.

The second film, Catch Fire, was released this past year and is available for pre-order (release date: March 7). It was every bit as thrilling as the first film, and just as gender-fair.

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Because they are quite violent, The Hunger Games books and films are most appropriate for teens and pre-teens. The Hunger Games books and films earn 4 pinwheels –

If you enjoyed the book-film pairing, this might be a good time to acquire the Harry Potter books, an all-ages series –

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and the movie boxed set!

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The Harry Potter books earn 5 pinwheels,

The Harry Potter films earn 4 (for Hermione’s demotion to a somewhat smaller role compared to the books) –

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  1. Thank you FairPlay for teeing this up for me. I have been avoidiung the Hunger Games books and movies because it just sounded like too painful an idea. I had a wreching time reading Lord of the Flies! But you have intrigued me with the idea that it depicts strong female roles and you are ABSOLUTELY right–I like how her face is the picture. I am so tired of seeing skimpily clad women in movies like the heroine in American Hustle whom you could not see without seeing most of her breasts even when she was conducting business. Not that the female body isn’t beautiful but it should not define us.

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