Gift Guide: Roominate (Birthday ideas for an 8 y/o girl)


Today we’re excited to bring you a recent Gift Guide letter from a Facebook fan!

Fair Play I need a recommendation for an 8-year-old girl birthday present.

We have just the thing! We’ve actually mentioned this toy in the past, but deemed it somewhat out of the average Gift Guide price range. Now it is available for much less, and ships via Amazon Prime. Roominate is the fully customizable doll house you wish you had.

Roominate is marketed primarily to girls, but comes in a variety of colors (not just pink!) and could be very fun for all children. It is a building set with circuits to assemble. This is a neat twist on construction toys marketed to the 6-9 age group. The mechanical element is really appealing to children and can be a great way to tempt children to use spatial toys — which may contribute to spatial skill development and in turn, math and science achievement. Cool, huh? Goldie Blox also falls in this category and would be very appropriate, but at 8-years-old, your kiddo might be ready for the slightly greater challenge of assembling electronics.

Roominate comes in a few flavors. The “basic” kit comes with materials for a single room structure and one circuit.

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The basic kit retails for $29.

The “deluxe” kit contains twice as many pieces as the basic kit, allowing for a larger room or two rooms and more moving parts.

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The deluxe kit retails for $49.

The various kits can be used together, so you can start with a one-room building and expand to something palatial.

RoominateHouseThe kits come with modular pieces, electronics for the circuit(s), and colored paper that can be transformed into the interior elements your building demands. You can build a doll house, a sky scraper, or anything else you can imagine. Roominate provides some inspiration and instructions to get you started.

For the focus on engineering, the range of color options, and the diversity in its advertising, we give Roominate 5 pinwheels, our highest rating –

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