Kid Crafts: Two Minute Valentines

Valentines (6)You know how we love our quick crafts around here! Today we bring you some valentines you and your child can make in about two minutes flat. Homemade valentines are a fun project, and result in a more heartfelt card than the heavily branded, cheap cardboard ones you can buy at the store. Because you made them yourself, you know they’ll be gender fair!


  • Cardstock or blank cards (we like the variety packs from craft stores)
  • Stickers (we used the $2 foam stickers from Joann’s that they make for every holiday — you’ll find them right up front with the seasonal items)
  • Pen

First, select the paper or cards you are planning to use. A variety of colors is fun, or you could use a uniform single color.

Valentines (1)Select your stickers! Stickers take the drawing out of card-making, which is good since drawing isn’t our forte. However, if you’re good at it, then by all means, rock on.

Valentines (2)Adhere your stickers to you card,

Valentines (3)Consider a little drawing, like turning these hearts into balloons!

Valentines (4)And there you have it! A stack of homemade valentines…

Valentines (5) …ready for addressing to your best friends.

Valentines (7)Kid Crafts is a series in which wefeature child-friendly, often seasonally-inspired craft tutorials. Leave a comment at Request a Review or on our Facebook page if you’re looking for something specific!



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