Even MORE Girls’ Clothing, Minus the Girly

GWBShorts4Back in September we were thrilled to feature a new kids’ clothing company with the mission to produce alternatives to the gender stereotypes in the “girl” aisle. Girls Will Be released their Ts and sweatshirts in the fall. We love these shirts – they are a wonderfully gender fair alternative to the usual fare. Now, Girls Will Be is back with a Kickstarter campaign to produce shorts!

The Girls Will Be shirts were a great success. We love them because they are gender fair in color/design AND in fit. They aren’t cut so tight as girls’ shirts often are, and they come in many more colors. We are also thrilled that Girls Will Be continues to focus on diversity in their advertising, portraying real, active, independent girls!

Enter: Girls Will Be shorts! They have designed two styles: a play short and a cargo short.

GWBShortsThe shorts are cut to be a middle option in between the short shorts generally available for girls and the boxier shorts marketed to boys. They don’t have the girly embellishments (glitter, bows, sequins…) that you often find on girls’ shorts. They also come in colors other than pink! These are shorts designed for kids’ active play – they will stretch and move with your independent girl (or boy)! We give them our highest rating, 5 pinwheels:

Right now the shorts are still in the Kickstarter phase. Girls Will Be needs to raise $24,500 by March 31 in order to begin producing these shorts. Because it is Kickstarter, you can contribute at any level to help them get these shorts to market. There are neat thank you gift options for a range of support – from posters to their signature shirts to these awesome new shorts! Or, for $299, you can help out Girls Will Be AND get a complete wardrobe package for your child:

GWBWardrobeIf you believe girls deserve more clothing options than frilly short shorts, head over to their campaign and support a company that is working hard to bring more choices to girls. You have 18 days! Go!

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