Mail A(n extra) Gal/Valentine!

Valentines2015Valentine’s Day is coming up this Saturday (Galentine’s Day, the feminist alternative, is Friday, though you should feel free to consider the holidays interchangeably, as I more or less do).

If you’ve read this blog in previous Februarys, you know I have some strong feelings on the subject. I tend to believe Valentine’s Day is best re-conceptualized as a Friendship Thanksgiving (a la Galentine’s Day, though not gender-specific or gender-focused). For more on, that I refer you to one of my own favorite previous posts on the topic.

Given that I think Gal/Valentine’s Day is best considered a mid-Winter opportunity to write heartfelt notes to your friends and family, realize that today, 2/9, you enter card-writing crunch time (at least if you need to mail anything, or if your child is hand-making something for school, which we highly recommend so as to avoid the intense branding in children’s valentines). Last year we talked about how quickly and cheaply you or your child can make your own cards. It can be done in two minutes!

This year I want to encourage you to add a valentine for someone who isn’t on your usual list. About a week ago, my beloved Fair Play God Mother mentioned that her aging mother was pining for some mail. Like many older adults, Fair Play God Mother’s mother has an increasingly shrinking social network (though she is blessed with some stellar family). Fair Play God Mother wondered if she might solicit a little mail on her behalf. Of course! It was insanely easy to add one more card to my usual rotation and I really hope it brightens her day. It’s an extra special, extra big valentine too.

All of that is to say — you or your child probably also know someone who would love an extra card this time of year. It doesn’t have to be immensely personal. Just write one more card, to one more person, and make one more smile. Seriously, it is that easy.

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