Snow Day Relief

OwlMoonGirlDear Winter, you win. Too much snow, too much cold, and you have finally broken my faith that spring will ever come!

If the weather near you is like the weather near me, not only has winter dragged on this year, it has been so cold that even snow days are indoor days. I’ve had my dissertation to write so I suppose it’s all the same to me, but I can tell you that the cat is looking a little worse for the wear:

WinterKikiThis week I thought we would round-up a few ideas for those winter days when you can’t just play in the snow because the windchill is impossibly cold.

ColdI won’t pretend the obvious choice isn’t TV when you’ve hit your snow day limit — so I beg of you, at least consider the content. We’ve rounded up some Fair Play-approved choices in the past. Consider the movie-book pairs — with all these days off, you’ll have time to read and watch the movies. Or...just read a book. That would be my own preference.

IAmAmeliaEarhartVideo games fall somewhere in the same territory. I saw this Atlantic piece last week about the blind assumption that Minecraft is educational (the scientist in me says: it’s an empirical question!!). Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, it almost certainly matters how you engage with it. That will have to suffice as a teaser for a post coming soon about my GoldieBlox dissertation results too! Board games are a generally more interactive choice, and you can find Fair Play selections and tips for including the littlest members of the family here.

TabooIf you can muster the enthusiasm and patience, crafting and cooking are going to be more engaging and educational options that can really kill some time. The internet is really your oyster on this one — lots of kid-friendly crafts and recipe ideas out there beyond what we’ve written up here.

IMG_0631I’ll wrap up with an idea from the aforementioned Minecraft article that I LOVE. That family used iMovie (you Windows types have MovieMaker, and if you don’t, it is a free download) to create home movies, news broadcasts, and all sorts of creative content. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet or almost any computer sold in the last 10 years (i.e. with a camera)! Even if you don’t know how to do this, your tech-savvy little ones will figure it out. You can involve all ages and levels of contribution, making this a great whole-family activity for these icy days.

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