New Year, New Schedule


Happy New Year, Fair Play fans! We know we’ve apologized multiple times for our delinquency but here it is again — I’m very sorry for putting this project on the back burner. I’m currently finishing writing my dissertation (defending at the end of February!) and that, with other research projects, has precluded too much blogging.

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Kid Crafts: Two Minute Valentines

Valentines (6)You know how we love our quick crafts around here! Today we bring you some valentines you and your child can make in about two minutes flat. Homemade valentines are a fun project, and result in a more heartfelt card than the heavily branded, cheap cardboard ones you can buy at the store. Because you made them yourself, you know they’ll be gender fair!

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Fixing Valentines Day: Friendship Thanksgiving

I have a lot of problems with Valentines Day. Valentines Day is not only a day of celebrating all things gender-unfair, via a hyped celebration of gender roles. It is also (perhaps even equally so) a day of consumerism. Adults spend a great deal of money proving to themselves they’ve realized their full and highest potential as (heterosexual) sentient beings by buying fancy gifts, dinners, lingerie, booze, and so on, for what is supposed to be the good of their relationship. Children are in on this action as well. It is expected that most children bring valentines to school (often the cardboard variety with Disney Princesses) to distribute to their classmates. These little cards often have candy or a treat attached but rarely much of a note. This whole charade in the celebration of gender roles. Now, if this all bothers you, you don’t have to celebrate Valentines Day. Certainly the choice to abstain is yours. But, can we fix it instead? I say yes, and yes we should. Continue reading

A Christmas Hail Mary: Homemade Gift Certificates


It’s December 23. You actually have all of today to shop and in most places, a good part of tomorrow. The price, of course, is your sanity and a lot of your time. But supposing you’re done braving the crowds, or you get to tomorrow evening and you are desperate, or perhaps you want to put a little time into your final effort. Let’s talk about the homemade gift certificate.

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Being Thankful, Helping Others

This year’s Thanksgiving post is coming to you a bit early. There are two reasons: I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and I may be taking a short hiatus from posting until early December. I recently received some serious medical news, and I’m thankful for the family and friends who have rallied around me. Our focus this time of year is on helping others, and that is quite obvious among everyone who has supported me in this difficult time. Today I want to share portions of a post about community service that I first shared with you last year.

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