New Year, New Schedule


Happy New Year, Fair Play fans! We know we’ve apologized multiple times for our delinquency but here it is again — I’m very sorry for putting this project on the back burner. I’m currently finishing writing my dissertation (defending at the end of February!) and that, with other research projects, has precluded too much blogging.

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive…More Gender-fair Options

LandsEndScienceToday’s post is semi-old news but the message is the same: if you want gender-fair options, ask for them. That’s exactly what one mom did with Lands’ End when she noted the t-shirt options for boys and girls were highly gendered. Lands’ End actually responded by expanding their offerings!

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Back To School! Part 2, Backpack Drives

This week we’re re-posting a popular back-to-school series from last year. Tuesday we tackled back to school shopping. We hope that has been going well, and you were able to stick to your End Goal. A reader posted a most insightful comment on that post about the importance of being gender fair when shopping for backpack drives, so we’re dedicating this week to discussing backpack drives. You may recall our focus on family-oriented community service around Thanksgiving and gosh darn it, it’s about time we had another post about service.

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Back to School! Shopping for Supplies Safely

Backpacks are one back-to-school item often best purchased online where variety is greater

Somehow it is that time of year again – back to school! This week we’re re-posting a popular, two-part series we did during back to school time last year. Today we’ll talk about back to school shopping. Thursday we’ll talk about backpack drives.

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We’ve been Dissertating — From Europe!

CoyleBerlinJuly14I promise we’re returning to our regularly scheduled programming shortly. I’ve got SO many exciting things to share with you all — more book reviews (summer reading kick…), more information about LEGO’s new female scientist mini figs, and end-of-summer fun. I’ve been away presenting my dissertation at a conference in Germany and then vacationing a bit. I’m back now and continuing to work with families and collect data. I’ll have more serious conclusions to share soon! In the meantime, check out some of my favorite posts from summers past:

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We’ve been Dissertating!

CoyleGradExhibition_6April2014Back to our regular schedule next week — I’ve been busy lately with grad school and my dissertation. This weekend I got to present some preliminary elements of my dissertation in a local research exhibition. I actually won an award for it, so that was kind of cool. More importantly, I had the delightful opportunity to talk to families, parents, grandparents, and all kinds of interesting people about the exciting research I’m doing in gender and early STEM learning. It is interactions like these that fuel my passion for research in early gender and STEM, and for connecting that research with families and educators. THANK YOU all for being the source of these interactions as well!

Talking about Babies and Gender


How important is it that you know whether this little baby is a boy or a girl – immediately?

This week we are revisiting some favorite posts geared toward talking about gender. Monday we took up how to discuss gender fair values in your family. Today we examine talking about gender with prospective new parents.

I was out at a bar with a Fair Play Friend and some of his friends when the following exchange occurred:

Fair Play Friend: So do you know if it is a boy or a girl?
FPF’s friend: We’re not going to find out. You don’t get too many surprises in life.

I was floored.

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Being Thankful, Helping Others

This year’s Thanksgiving post is coming to you a bit early. There are two reasons: I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and I may be taking a short hiatus from posting until early December. I recently received some serious medical news, and I’m thankful for the family and friends who have rallied around me. Our focus this time of year is on helping others, and that is quite obvious among everyone who has supported me in this difficult time. Today I want to share portions of a post about community service that I first shared with you last year.

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