Gift Guide: Child-Safe Archery Options

GenesisBowYesterday on our Facebook we linked to a New York Times article about the push for “girls'” archery options. With more and more books and movies prominently featuring strong, female leads with mad archery skills, it’s no surprise. We’re thrilled that this is something for which girls and boys are clamoring. But, if you read the NYT piece, you also know that “girls'” options are just what the Pink Aisle has led you to expect: pink, sparkly, and stereotyped. Today we’re covering some gender-fair options instead.

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re-Gift Guide: The Princess Problem (Gifts for 2 & 5 y/o Girls – doll, art supplies, scooter)

We’ve been negligent in getting up Gift Guides this holiday season, owing to an unfortunate surgery and lengthy hospital stay. But, we’re back in action! To provide you with maximum content and inspiration, we’re going to do some “re-Gift Guides,” re-posting/revising some of our favorites from the past, in addition to brand new Gift Guides. As always, if you have a specific question, send it our way! Today we kick off with the re-Gift Guide to purchasing for the princess-loving little girls in your life. How to avoid stereotypes? We have some answers!

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Fair Play Twins and Fair Play Toys Have a Birthday!

FiveYrBikeIt’s been more than one year since we started blogging and we actually haven’t properly celebrated! More importantly, one of our cutest and key inspirations for the blog, the Fair Play Twins, just had a birthday. In honor of both of those milestones, we’re going to return to our first post ever, bike recommendations, and update it with Fair Play Super(grand)mom’s latest finds.

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Take a break and get outside!


In the spirit of Labor Day, take a break and get outside! That’s what we’re doing this weekend (various BBQs and picnics mixed in with some meetings and work, actually…). If you need a little inspiration, we’ve linked up to some of our favorite previous posts for whole family activities.

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Gift Guide: The Princess Problem (Gifts for 2 & 5 y/o Girls – doll, art supplies, scooter)

Instead of buying a Barbie, I bought this doll and doctor set for a little girl in the family I adopted for Christmas. It can be hard not to buy Barbies when children ask for them, but there are other options out there that may fulfill their interests and desires without indulging the Barbie or Princess factor.

Today’s Gift Guide is a little bit different. I’m using the Christmas List from the family I adopted for Christmas to illustrate how you might get around the Princess Problem. What is the Princess Problem? The princess problem is this: you might not want to buy the little girl in your life a princess (or Barbie)-related item, but she says she really, really wants it. What to do? Buy her what she wants? Ignore her wishes, and buy her something else? Call me heartless, but I vote the latter. There are some craftier ways to do that, though, so let’s use this list as an example:
Jenny, age 5. Gift Ideas: 1. Barbie and Barbie’s Horse. 2. Art supplies. 3. Princess Costumes. Jenny is very girly, likes art, books, princesses, and dolls.
Molly, age 2. Gift Ideas: 1. Dolls. 2. Balls. 3. Dressing up in costumes. Molly is a girly tomboy, she likes to draw, play dress up, and she is very active.

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First Bicycles

Raleigh MXR Micro 12″ Kids Bike from REI

This post (like much of the work on this site!) is inspired by a gift-giving experience for the twins. My mother, their grandmother, wanted to purchase bikes for their third birthday. Learning to bike is a fun and useful skill, and bikes are a great active play option for developing gross motor skills and the brain skills that come with coordination and attention. So, she set out to purchase two starter bikes with removable training wheels. Continue reading