Kid Crafts: Two Minute Valentines

Valentines (6)You know how we love our quick crafts around here! Today we bring you some valentines you and your child can make in about two minutes flat. Homemade valentines are a fun project, and result in a more heartfelt card than the heavily branded, cheap cardboard ones you can buy at the store. Because you made them yourself, you know they’ll be gender fair!

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Fixing Valentines Day: Friendship Thanksgiving

I have a lot of problems with Valentines Day. Valentines Day is not only a day of celebrating all things gender-unfair, via a hyped celebration of gender roles. It is also (perhaps even equally so) a day of consumerism. Adults spend a great deal of money proving to themselves they’ve realized their full and highest potential as (heterosexual) sentient beings by buying fancy gifts, dinners, lingerie, booze, and so on, for what is supposed to be the good of their relationship. Children are in on this action as well. It is expected that most children bring valentines to school (often the cardboard variety with Disney Princesses) to distribute to their classmates. These little cards often have candy or a treat attached but rarely much of a note. This whole charade in the celebration of gender roles. Now, if this all bothers you, you don’t have to celebrate Valentines Day. Certainly the choice to abstain is yours. But, can we fix it instead? I say yes, and yes we should. Continue reading

Happy Halloween from Fair Play!


Happy Halloween everyone! Still need a last-minute costume? Check out the Fair Play costume strategy. Don’t forget Halloween movies and books to get in the mood. There’s also still time for a quick Halloween craft! Traveling this Halloween? Check out these tips for nontraditional Halloween-ing. Most important (in my book) – save your pumpkin seeds and make a healthy, seasonal treat! Recipe after the jump.

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Trick or Treat: Spooktacular Halloween Traditions

photo(5)Halloween is fast-approaching! It’s time to wrap-up preparations for the big day and get in the holiday mood. So far in our Trick or Treat series, we’ve brought you Halloween costume tips and tricks, our favorite Halloween books, family-friendly Halloween movies, and a fun, simple craft. Today we’re going to talk about Halloween traditions. We have a special guest, Kendra Thornton, to share her family’s holiday festivities:

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Simple Halloween Kids Craft – Bat Garland!

photo 33One of my favorite pre-Halloween traditions is decorating the house and building the holiday mood. I like crafting simple decorations to slowly add to my collection. This week we’re making a very easy, child-friendly, festive bat garland. It also only cost about $4 for supplies and 20 minutes of my attention.

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Take a break and get outside!


In the spirit of Labor Day, take a break and get outside! That’s what we’re doing this weekend (various BBQs and picnics mixed in with some meetings and work, actually…). If you need a little inspiration, we’ve linked up to some of our favorite previous posts for whole family activities.

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